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Story summary Update delivering date in subcontracting
Iteration AnA15SubcontractorModule
FEA AnA15S04UpdateDeliveringDateInSubcontracting
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Creation of new field in Order entity

This task consists of creating a new field in the Order entity to store the delivering dates communications from the customers in the subcontracted projects.

This field deliveringdates will be a list (sorted) component of elements of the class DeadlineCommunication.This class will have two fields:

  • SaveDate. It is the date at which a delivering date was saved. This field is the one that is going to be used to sort the list
  • DeliverDate. Date at which the subcontractor should finish the project.

Creation of new field in SubcontractedTaskData and refactor subcontractor interface

This task consists of creating a new field in the SubcontractedTaskData called requiredDeliveringDates and that will be a list (sorted) of elements of type SubcontractorDeliverDate with the following fields:

  • SaveDate. Date at which the RequiredDeliveringDate is added.
  • SubcontractorDeliverDate Date at which the customer should deliver the project decided at SaveDate.
  • CommunicationDate. Date at which the SubcontractorDeliverDate has been communicated to the subcontractor. If it has not been communicated yet it will be null.

Once created this field, it is needed to revamp and fix several issues in the subcontract pop-up, that is, the pop-up in which a task is subcontracted. the changes that it is needed to do are:

  • Change the area of the End date with the following modifications. Add an area instead of the End date with the following characteristics:
    • Name of the area: Deliver date
    • Insise a line:
      • Label: New deliver date
      • Date component to catch the new date.
      • Button Add
    • Add a table with all the SubcontractorDeliverDate values of the field requiredDeliveringDates. Each element of the table will have 3 columns with the following information:
      • Save Date (sorted by this field). Label.
      • Deliver Date. Label.
      • Communication Date
      • A delete button that will be enabled just in the last row. The one which has the CommunnicationDate null.
    • It will only be possible to add a Deliver Date if all the deliver date exiting in the table have a CommunicationDate not null.
    • The first time we are subcontracting a task it will be added a SubcontractorDeliverDate with value DeliverDate the end date of the task.
    • Once subcontracted a task, on adding a new SubcontractorDeliverDate it will be updated too the end date of the subcontracted task and the gantt will be properly updated with this change (should be automatic).

  • Once a subcontracted task has been sent the first time it will be needed to do read-only the following fields in the subcontraction pop-up:
    • External company.
    • Work description.
    • Subcontract price
    • Subcontract code
    • Export options.
  • The fields Subcontracting date and Subcontracting communication date of the subcontractor pop-up must be converted in labels because they are always read only fields.

It will be needed as part of this task too to modify the subcontractor communication window to send the tasks to the subcontractors by web services. The modificacion will consist of updating the CommunicationDate of the first SubcontractorDeliverDate of the list requiredDeliveringDates of the task sent to the subcontractor after being this operation successful.

Create new subcontractor communication, sending of delivering date update

Currently there is only posible to send an initial communication with the task to be subcontracted. This task consists of allowing to send an update of the deliver date for the subcontractor.

A first to do is to modify the enum SubcontractState of the class SubcontractedTaskDate:

  • Modify the state PENDING to be PENDING_INITIAL_SEND.

Now it has to be modified the list of task in order to be sortable by State but not using alphabetic sort. The first task will be the task with states:


It is needed to implement a new XML message to represent an update of delivering date and that will be send to update this information. It will built with a DTO called UpdateDeliveringDateDTO and it will have the following fields:

  • CustomerReference. This field will be the subcontractedCode of the subcontracted task.
  • ExternalCode. This field will be the code field of the OrderElement associated to the subcontracted task.
  • CompanyNif. It will be the company id of the company making the subcontraction.
  • DeliverDate. It will be the DeliverDate of the element CustomerDeliverDate of the field requiredDeliveringDates not sent (CommunicationDate is null). It is only possible to have a CustomerDeliverDate with CommunicationDate null.

This message will be send from the subcontracted tasks list with the state of one row is PENDING_UPDATE_DELIVERING_DATE. The process of send the message describe imply to do the next things:

  • Sent the message to the subcontractor.
  • Change the state of the object SubcontractedTaskData to be Successful Sent, save in the CommunicationDate of the CustomerDeliverDate sent to the subcontractor the current date (precission of days), and update the field subcontractCommunicationDate, the current date.

Delivering date update reception

This consists of receiving in the subcontractor LibrePlan deployment the communication of the an update on the delivering date for a subcontracted project.

The incoming web service will have the following specs:

  • Authentication in the web service
  • Identify the order that is needed to update. The query to identify the order will be the following: Search the order which has in the field ExternalCode the value of ExternalCode of the UpdateDeliveringDateDTO. It has to be checked too tha this order has as customer a company which satisfies two conditions:
    • It is a company that is a client (customer).
    • The ID of this company is the one that comes in the UpdateDeliveringDateDTO.
  • If the identification has been right it will be needed to get the field created int the task AnA15S04UpdateDeliveringDateInSubcontracting#TasK1 called deliveringdates and a new value will be added to this list. With the numbers:
    • SaveDate. The current date.
    • DeliverDate. The DeliverDate which comes in the object UpdateDeliveringDateDTO on the web service.

It will be needed to revamp the interface of the General Data tab in the Project Details perspective in a project. The new design of this window will consist of doing some areas:

  • Identification. Under this section, the following fields will be placed:
    • Name
    • Code and Generate code
    • Responsible
    • Description
    • Status
  • Customer information.
    • Include a field called Project Type. It will be a label and there will be two possible project types: * Subcontracted by client. In this case the external code is not null. In the case of a subcontracted by client project it will be needed to put in read only the fiedls customer, customer reference too. * Regular project. In this case the external code is null.
    • External code
    • Customer
    • Customer reference
    • Delivering dates. At this point it will be added a table with all the delivering dates that have been sent so far. A table with two columns:
      • Communication date. It will be a label. Include it in hour minute precission
      • Delivery date. It will be a label.
      • Current. Include a checkbox to show which one is the current. The current is the one with the older communication date.
  • Planning Configuration.
    • Start date.
    • Deadline.
    • Calendar
    • Scheduling mode.
    • Dependency have priority
  • Cost
    • Budget.
    • Hours.

Create new incomming communication type for update of delivering date

This task consists of creating a new CustomerCommunication to track the updates of the delivering dates in subcontracting. The fields for this new type of CustomerCommunication are the following:

  • Project Deadline. Save here the delivery date. Change the name of the column to be DeliveryDate
  • Communication Type. A new value in the enum, Update Delivering Date
  • Communication Date. Date at which happens the communication.
  • Reviewed. Initialize to false.

The data that will be in each column in the :

  • Communication Type. Got from CustomerCommunication
  • Project Name. Name of the project, got from associated Order to the CustomerCommunication entity
  • Deadline. Chage the name of this column to be Delivery Date. Show here the DeliveryDate of the object CustomerCommunication
  • Project Code. Code of the project hired. Got from Order.
  • Customer. Name of the customer who hires the project. Got through CustomerCommunication.
  • Communication Date. Date the communication happened. Got from CustomerCommunication.
  • Reviewed. Checkbox showing that the line was reviewed. Got from CustomerCommunication.
  • Operations. Edit button. On pressing on it, it is opened the project details perspective of the project.

It has to be changed

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