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Implementation Notes

-- JacoboAragunde - 23 Sep 2010:

I've added the attribute and implemented the methods to update it in cascade, but with this issues:

  • I started the development before the analysis was ready, so I added to attributes to store directly and indirectly allocated hours. It has to be reduced to only one attribute.
  • I'm trying to test the update methods, but:
    • I didn't manage to make a SpecificResourceAllocation return > 0 in allocation.getAssignedHours(), even when I used .createAssignmentsAtDay() to add DayAssignments. Did I use the latter method wrongly, maybe?
    • I'm getting an exception from hibernate, which is caused by a change in the primary key of the Task entity inside the ResourceAllocation object, according to some comments in the internet that I have checked by myself (when execution reaches the second IOnTransaction, the id of the Task has changed):
      HibernateSystemException: Don't change the reference to a collection with cascade="all-delete-orphan":

-- JacoboAragunde - 27 Sep 2010:

I've replaced the two attributes direct and indirectAllocatedHours with a single one. I've also solved the problem wih the HibernateSystemException in the unit tests. I still have to fix the problem with allocation.getAssignedHours() returning 0.

-- JacoboAragunde - 28 Sep 2010:

I was studing the implementation of the application model to add the calls to updateSumOfAllocatedHoursWithResourceAllocationSet in the proper places. This approach ended being too complicated, so I started a different one: I reimplemented TaskElementDAO.save() to update the attribute sumOfHoursAllocated when saving.

The new approach looks better (cleaner, less changes) but has some problems:

  • A process of update from parents to children seems to be necessary.
  • Doesn't update the changes made in the advanced allocation screen.

-- JacoboAragunde - 29 Sep 2010:

  • Tried to implement the update of sumOfHoursAllocated with Hibernate callbacks, unsuccessfully.
  • Implemented update of sumOfHoursAllocated attribute from parents to children.
  • Updated the unit tests with the new operations.

-- JacoboAragunde - 30 Sep 2010:

  • Corrected the unit test.
  • Modified Advanced Allocation screen to update correctly sumOfHoursAllocated.
  • Modified company screen to use the new functions.

-- JacoboAragunde - 01 Oct 2010:

I've been measuring the impact of the changes in the performance, using my test DB. We have the following facts:

  • The time consumed by the operation TaskElementWrapper.getAdvanceEndDate() has been reduced from 6.44 s to just 320 us.
  • Unfortunately, the time consumed by CompanyPlanningModel.setConfigurationToPlanner() has only been reduced from 15.1 s to 12.4 s. It means that some of the load operations that were being done in getAdvanceEndDate() now are done in a later call to a different method.
  • To verify this, I've checked the hibernate log, and I've found that data from day_assignment table is still being loaded, and it shouldn't.

-- JacoboAragunde - 06 Oct 2010:

I've located the point where the application loads the DayAssignments, and fixed it with patch 0e3788. That operation used to take 4,57 s which were reduced to 737 ms. The time of the operation CompanyPlanningModel.setConfigurationToPlanner() has decreased from 5.18 s to 1.08 s.

Anyway, there are still a lot of unnecessary queries. There are ~500 queries asking for the attribute hoursGroups (a list) inside OrderLine. Those loads took around 1.47 s, and have been prevented now with commits 79425 and 222c9.

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