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Story summary Permissions Enhancements
Iteration ItEr76Week01To33
FEA ItEr76S30PermissionsEnhancements
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Acceptance Criteria

Additional Specification Comments

Implementation Notes

Fix issues in web services permissions

Moved subcontracting web services to path /ws/rest/subcontracting/.

Created new role ROLE_WS_SUBCONTRACTING and protected that path with this role in Spring Security file.

Keeping /ws/rest/ path accessed by ROLE_WS_READER and ROLE_WS_WRITER.

Created a new default user wssubcontracting wiht password wssubcontracting that will be an example for testing the subcontracting operations.

-- ManuelRego - 11 Jun 2012

Menu refactoring

Refactored LibrePlan menu using the new structure.

-- ManuelRego - 15 Jun 2012

Reviewed page titles and other strings due to menu revamp.

-- ManuelRego - 21 Jun 2012

Create new architecture of permissions

Review alternatives to intercept-url in Spring Security config file. Tried the following approaches without success so far, so coming back to original plan and use intercept-url:

  • Use =[http://static.springsource.org/spring-security/site/docs/2.0.x/apidocs/org/springframework/security/annotation/Secured.html][@Secured]] annotation. After reading some documentation it seems that it only works for Spring beans and LibrePlan controllers are not Spring beans.
  • Define a new annotation (like @OnConcurrentModification) but again it only worked in Spring beans.

Renamed current roles (take advantage to rename column elt to role in both roles_table and profile_roles):


Configured basic permissions for the new roles. Show or not menu entries depending on user roles.

Manage special role ROLE_BOUND_USER from worker and user windows. All bound users must have this role.

Configured properly permissions for ROLE_BOUND_USER:

  • Only bound users will have access to page Personal Area > Home
  • Moreover bound users will have access to expenses sheet edition form, even if they don't have access to Cost > Expenses page
  • Finally users with role ROLE_SUERUSER, ROLE_BOUND_USER or ROLE_TIMESHEETS will have access to monthly timesheets edition page.

Disabled buttons to go to edit user from workers window and edit worker from users windows if user doesn't have the required permissions.

Remove role ROLE_BOUND_USER from the list of roles to be added to a user or profile. As this role is managed automatically by the application and not manually by any administrator.

-- ManuelRego - 15 Jun 2012

Configured ROLE_PROJECT_PLANNING to restrict access to company perspectives. However, company Gantt and projects list is also accessible for users that have read/write permissions over any project.

Changed initial page depending on user roles (modified class org.libreplan.web.users.services.CustomTargetUrlResolver):

  • ROLE_SUPERUSER: Planning > Company view (or the URL specified if any, keeping how it worked in the past)
  • ROLE_BOUND_USER: Personal Area > Home
  • ROLE_PROJECT_PLANNING or read/write permissions over any project: Planning > Company view
  • Other: Personal Area > Preferences

Due to this change it was also needed to review the behavior when users clicks in LibrePlan logo.

  • Modified web.xml to redirect to a new index.zul page
  • Implemented the controller for this new page org.libreplan.web.common.IndexController redirecting user to different pages depending on roles (like specified above).

Protect some things related to roles:

  • Do not allow to create Labels from project edition if the user has not the proper role
  • Do not allow to create Templates from project edition if the user has not the proper role

-- ManuelRego - 19 Jun 2012

Protect some special pages:

  • Protect page Cost > Expenses to avoid that a user with ROLE_BOUND_USER knows the URL and try to edit or remove other expenses sheet (not their own personal sheets). Entry points in Cost > Expenses can only be used by ROLE_BOUND_USER, moreover in edition it's checked that the expenses sheet is personal and belongs to the worker bound to current user.
  • Protect page for monthly timesheets in order to prevent wrong editions. A ROLE_BOUND_USER can only edit its own personal monthly timesheets. A ROLE_SUPERUSER or ROLE_TIMESHEETS has to set the resource in the URL to be able to edit a monthly timesheet.

Create a new page to manage HTTP 403 forbidden status code.

-- ManuelRego - 20 Jun 2012


Created the default profiles with the defined roles.

-- ManuelRego - 15 Jun 2012

Default users

Modified MandatoryUser to add the new users and allow to specify profiles.

Having a hard time fighting with tests like DBUserDetailsServiceTest due to some Hibernate issues. Finally I fixed these problems marking as @Rollback(false) the method org.libreplan.web.test.users.bootstrap.UsersBootstrapInDBTest.testMandatoryUsersCreated().

-- ManuelRego - 20 Jun 2012

Modified admin user edition, as it's not allowed to add/remove roles or profiles in that user, change the username or disable it. Moreover, it's not allowed to remove admin default user.

Changed the behavior of UsersBootstrapInDB to create users only if the users table in the database is empty. This makes it works like the other bootstraps. If someone decides to remove some default users like manager or wswriter, the bootstrap is not going to create them again.

-- ManuelRego - 21 Jun 2012

Fix reports

Fixed models of reports using the next method to get the list of projects org.libreplan.business.orders.daos.OrderDAO.getOrdersByReadAuthorizationByScenario(String username, Scenario scenario).

-- ManuelRego - 21 Jun 2012

Review entry points

For the first case, the entry point in Timesheets Lines List Report was not really an entry point. The file workReportQuery.zul has the edition form part copied from workReport.zul, moreover this part was not properly updated as we usually only fixed bugs in workReport.zul. So, a new specific controller has been created for workReportQuery.zul removing the part for the edition form and using an entry point to edit the work report.

Later the entry point has been protected depending on user permissions.

Protect also the rest of cases specified in the analysis.

-- ManuelRego - 26 Jun 2012

Delay Causes

Final or Pending Considerations



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